A resource directory is a directory where resources are loaded from. They have set folders for different types of resources, and one plugin may only have one resource directory in its jar file, and also has a folder with the same name of the plugin in the plugins folder as another.

A plugin may specify its resource directory by adding this line to its description file:


For example, the vanilla plugins resource directory is specified as:

resources: vc4.vanilla.resources


This file defines resources that can be loaded (Except for settings and lang files). It can contain one list per resource type. Resource Directorys do not have to contain this file, but if your resource directory specifies new resources (as opposed to just adding a new block texture, etc), then you will need to specify them in your resources.yml file for them to load.

    - "crosshair"
    - "cracks"
    - "blocks"
    - "items"
    - "world"
    - "font"
    - "fontback"
    - "shapes"
    - "texture"
    - "unispaced_24"
    - "unispaced_14"
        - "main"
        - "settings"


Folder Resource Type Use
/animatedtexture Animated Textures For complex animated textures, such as the blocks or items texture
/sheettexture Sheet Textures For simpler sheet textures, such as the crosshair texture
/font Fonts For font files and textures used to render the font
/shader Shaders For vertex shader files and fragment shader files, for GLSL shaders.
/gui/menu Menu Guis For yml files defining menus such as the main menu
/settings Settings File For default settings files
/lang Language File For text mappings for different languages
/sound Sound File For sound files
/music Music File For the games music tracks