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All the currently available pipes placed next to each other. From left to right: Standard, Basic Input, Boost, Speed, Directional and Slow pipes

Hi-Speed pipes are currently the fastest way of transporting items in VoxelCaverns. They have a maximum speed of 25m/s and can currently be used to automate furnaces, as well as a few other uses. All pipes can be dyed 7 different colors, as well as without a dye. Dyed pipes will only connect to non-dyed pipes or pipes of the same color dye. Non-dyed pipes will connect to any pipe.


Standard PipeEdit

Standard pipes are used to transport items at normal speed around the pipe network. They will retain boost, slowing down at 2m/s untill normal speed is reached.The default speed of Standard Pipes is 4m/s

Basic Input PipeEdit

Basic Input pipes are used to pick up items off the ground, direct items towards them (unless overriden by directional pipes) and suck items out of containers. They will not join to each other.

Boost PipeEdit

Boost Pipes are used to boost the speed of items travelling in them. They will boost the items up to 15m/s speed.

Speed PipeEdit

Speed Pipes are the fastest pipes in the Hi-Speed pipe transport system. They can transport items at 25m/s. This means that in Standard Pipes, the boost will take 10.5 seconds to wear off. 

Directional PipeEdit

Directional pipes can be used to direct items in a certain direction when entering the pipe. This direction can direct items back from where they came, and can be changed by right-clicking the block.

Slow PipeEdit

Dyed PipesEdit

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All the different dyed pipes. Top row: green, red, blue and yellow dyed speed pipes. Bottom row: non-dyed, white, black and purple dyed speed pipes.

Pipes can be dyed seven different colors, or be left without a dye. The colors are: white, black, red, green, blue, purple and yellow. These pipes can be obtained by combining 12 of any pipe with white, black, red, green, blue, yellow or light kradonium dyes. Pipes can be undyed by placing 12 of them in the crafting row.